Cardio Exercises in Your Apartment

Cardio Exercises in Your Apartment


Exercising in your apartment has many benefits today. The heart is one of the most essential organs of the body, the heat works by pumping blood to different parts in the body. To explain circulation this is what happens when the heart is at work, first the unoxygenated blood enters two veins of the heart called superior and inferior vena cava, then enters the right atrium then to a valve to the right ventricle then passes to the pulmonary artery to get oxygen from the lungs in the respiratory center called alveoli, and viola the blood then becomes oxygenated. Then goes through the pulmonary vein and left atrium and goes through a valve to the left ventricle and the left ventricle pumps the blood to different parts of the body through the aorta. The blood then contains red blood cells which contain oxygen and when oxygen reaches the cells it will aid in the cells functions. This complex mechanism, explains why the heart is important. That is why we need to take care of it by choosing the right foods and application of exercise. This article tackles the benefits of cardiovascular exercise in your apartment and examples of it.

Cardiovascular exercise is in various forms of rhythmical exercise which is usually done for long periods of time. It causes the raise of heart rate and makes it elevated continuously for a prolonged time. It is also called as aerobic exercise. Cardiovascular exercise works in the muscles of the body which increase the pulse and breathing rate above normal levels.

There are several benefits of cardiovascular exercises and topping these would be that it keeps the heart strong and healthy. Cardio routines are known to develop the muscular walls of the heart and help it to beat normally. Thus, it makes the heart pump a greater volume of blood for better circulation. In sum, cardiovascular exercising is all about keeping your heart efficient, strong and healthy. But at the same time, such exercise also helps strengthens the lungs and increase our lung capacity. Physically, they make the muscles and joints stronger while increasing calorie expenditure and metabolic rates. Cardio exercises at home or elsewhere is known to invigorate people, reduce stress and increase metabolism. Those who are having trouble sleeping and are always dealing with hectic schedules achieve restful bedtimes and better moods at work because of such exercises. At the same time, such routines help burn calories to help people lose weight.

Cardiovascular exercise can be done in your apartment. There is no need to go to the gym, or to do it outdoors, you can just purchase a video of a cardiovascular exercise where it is done step by step. Some cardiovascular exercises you can do in your apartment include walking and dancing. You can just walk in your apartment community by climbing a flight of stairs several times, or do some household chores. As for dancing, you can do this enjoyable cardio exercise while watching TV! Other stuff you can do to keep your heart healthy even at home are jumping jacks, push ups, jogging in place, doing leg lifts and squats, and doing crunches and step exercises.

So you see, keeping your heart healthy and fit doesn’t have to be an endeavor solely undertaken outdoors or in the gym. Do the exercises routinely and you sure will have a good heart – and great figure as well!